Nearby attractions

    With beautiful beaches on our doorstep, Leeman has long attracted fisherman, families and those seeking a relaxing holiday destination.

    Leeman is located close to some of WA’s best turquoise coast attractions, making our units your ideal base to explore this beautiful and unique coast of Australia.

    Things to do in Leeman

    You don’t have to travel far to find something interesting to do in Leeman.


    Leeman and surrounding areas are well known for beautiful, sandy white beaches. Check out:

    • South Bay Beach and Desperate Bay for an unspoilt fishing and swimming spots
    • Billy Goat Bay, Little Anchorage and Point Louise beaches for great places to swim, snorkel, surf or scuba dive.


    Both commercial and amateur fisherman travel to Leeman for its prized rock lobster (crayfish) and species such as dhufish, snapper and bald chin gropers. Whether you are fishing off the beach or from a boat, the waters around Leeman are teeming with delicious seafood, just waiting to be caught. Leeman Fish Factory sells direct to the public at 126 Thomas Street, Leeman (check their Facebook page for opening times).

    Sea lions

    Leeman is renowned for its significant sea lion population and it’s not unusual to spot one of these captivating creatures lazing in the sun on the beaches of Leeman.

    Surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing

    Leeman is well known as a windsurfing mecca. Kitesurfers and windsurfers alike flock to Leeman for its shallow sandy beaches and excellent winds from October to March. Point Louise is a well-known and popular spot for surfers.

    Things to do in Jurien Bay

    Located 30 minutes south of Leeman, Jurien Bay is a popular holiday and tourist destination.


    There are many beautiful beaches in Jurien Bay. Check out:

    • Sandy Cape for sandboarding, rock pools, fishing, snorkelling, 4wding and swimming.
    • North Head for diving, snorkelling and swimming.


    Pumpkin Hollow and North Head are popular with locals and visitors alike.

    Jurien Bay Snorkel Trail

    The snorkel trail in Jurien Bay is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon exploring the artificial reef just off shore and is great for snorkelers of all ages, including children and beginners.

    Things to do in Green Head

    Located a few minutes south of Leeman is the small coastal town of Green Head.


    There are many popular swimming beaches in Green Head. Check out:

    • Dynamite Bay for a popular picnic spot. The Bay forms almost a perfect circle, providing a safe sheltered beach. There are also walk trails, toilet facilities and nearby cafes.
    • Pebble Beach for swimming.

    Nearby National Parks

    Leeman is located close to many world-famous national parks.

    Stockyard Gully Cave National Park

    Accessible by 4WD only, the Stockyard Gully National Park offers a fascinating day out exploring ancient below-ground river systems of the Stockyard Gully Cave.

    Mt Lesueur National Park

    With over 900 species of wildflowers, Mt Lesueur National Park offers many opportunities to see WA’s unique wildflowers up close.

    The Pinnacles Desert at Nambung National Park

    Just 45 minutes south of Leeman you will discover the amazing Pinnacles Desert. Be amazed by the spectacular and unique landscape.

    Badgingarra National Park

    Located south-east of Leeman, this Badgingarra National Park is well worth a visit during the wildflower season. The nearby Badgingarra Nature Trail walk and Vern Westbrook walk are also must-sees for wildflower enthusiasts, with amazing artwork along the trail.

    Lake Indoon

    This picturesque freshwater lake is just 19kms east of Leeman and is perfect for picnics and camping. There is a boat ramp, toilets, drinking water tank and gas bbq on site.